September 21, 2011By Marco Giuliani

By Ian Moyse Moore’s Law back in 1965 predicted silicon power would double every two years. But what its creator, Gordon E. Moore, couldn’t have predicted was the dramatic economies of scale the…read more

Mebromi: the first BIOS rootkit in the wild

September 13, 2011By Marco Giuliani

By Marco Giuliani In the past few weeks a Chinese security company called Qihoo 360 blogged about a new BIOS rootkit hitting Chinese computers. This turned to be a very interesting discovery as it…read more

TDL3 and ZeroAccess: More of the Same?

August 8, 2011By Marco Giuliani

By Marco Giuliani In our previous technical analysis of the ZeroAccess rootkit, we highlighted how it acts as a framework by infecting the machine — setting up its own private space in the…read more

ZeroAccess Rootkit Guards Itself with a Tripwire

July 8, 2011By Marco Giuliani

By Marco Giuliani The latest generation of a rapidly evolving family of kernel-mode rootkits called, variously, ZeroAccess or Max++, seems to get more powerful and effective with each new variant. The rootkit infects…read more