All forms of software that act with malicious intent

Threat Recap: Week of Dec 7th

December 11, 2015By Connor Madsen

Top 5 Week of Dec. 7 UAE Bank Hack In the last week, a major financial institution in the United Arab Emirates was hacked, with customer information being ransomed for a sum of…read more

CRYPTOWALL 4.0 (updated)

November 5, 2015By Tyler Moffitt

We know that Cryptowall 3.0 has been hugely successful for the cybercriminals netting them nearly $325 million in its debut year. With over 800 command and control URLs and over 400,000 attempted infections it…read more

History of Mac Malware

October 2, 2015By Devin Byrd

  The subject that fan boys of each side love to argue about.  Mac malware.  The fact is that malware for Mac is real and it continues to grow as a problem.  In…read more

ORX Locker

September 10, 2015By Tyler Moffitt

Only a month has gone by since the last RaaS (Ransomware as a Service) came to light. It looks this new business model that was first introduced by TOX a few months ago…read more

Compromising Windows via Windows Update Drivers

August 24, 2015By Tyler Moffitt

  While at Blackhat 2015, I saw a very interesting presentation on compromising the Windows Update service (“WSUSpect – Compromising The Windows Enterprise Via Windows Update” – Paul Stone & Alex Chapman). The…read more

Vaporizer chargers can contain malware

November 21, 2014By Tyler Moffitt

Vaporizers (AKA E-cigarettes) have been gaining some serious traction and widespread use over the past few years. The sudden surge of popularity isn’t too surprising considering the fact that the health implications of…read more

What To Know About Apple and WireLurker

November 6, 2014By Yegor Piatnitski

Everyone’s heard the saying ‘Macs aren’t malware-proof’, right? Oh, you haven’t? Count me not surprised. It could be due to the fact that that’s not an actual saying, but the more likely reason…read more