All forms of software that act with malicious intent

Android.Koler – Android based ransomware

May 7, 2014By Nathan Collier

Recently, a new Android threat named Android.Koler has begun popping up in the news.  According to an article by ARS Technica, it reacts similar to other pieces of ransomware often found on Windows…read more

Evolution of Encrypting Ransomware

May 5, 2014By Tyler Moffitt

Recently we’ve seen a big change in the encrypting ransomware family and we’re going to shed light on some of the newest variants and the stages of evolution that have led the high profile…read more

Fake Reviews Trick Google Play Users

April 22, 2014By Nathan Collier

Here at Webroot, we are constantly on the lookout for malevolent Android apps. In most cases, you do something malicious with your app and you get marked accordingly, but it’s not always that…read more