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Is 2015 the Year of Mac Malware?

November 12, 2015By Devin Byrd

Lots of blogs, articles and posts have been circulating recently about the increase in mac malware, mostly due to the publishing of Bit9’s report. I think it is wise to clarify what is…read more

Tips for Improving Router Security

October 16, 2015By James Garcia

With the recent news of router vulnerabilities, we thought it would be an excellent time to provide a few tips for improving your router security. While nothing is hack-proof in the world we live in, you…read more

Tech Support Scams Continue

October 14, 2015By Dan Para

We’re regularly asked about phone calls from “Microsoft” claiming that your computer is infected, and whether or not it is a scam – it is. Sometimes it’s a call from another “tech support”…read more

Dow Jones Data Breach

October 9, 2015By Richard Melick

In a letter to customers sent today, Dow Jones & Co has revealed that its services were breached, possibly exposing the credit and debit card information of customers. Reportedly only impacting “fewer than…read more

ORX Locker

September 10, 2015By Tyler Moffitt

Only a month has gone by since the last RaaS (Ransomware as a Service) came to light. It looks this new business model that was first introduced by TOX a few months ago…read more

Security Advice is fundamentally the same

September 9, 2015By Dan Para

Thinking back on the changes in what we like to call the “threat landscape” over the years, a lot has changed. From the days of actual viruses and worms spreading their way through…read more

Compromising Windows via Windows Update Drivers

August 24, 2015By Tyler Moffitt

  While at Blackhat 2015, I saw a very interesting presentation on compromising the Windows Update service (“WSUSpect – Compromising The Windows Enterprise Via Windows Update” – Paul Stone & Alex Chapman). The…read more

Why are we using biometrics as passwords?

August 10, 2015By Cameron Palan

After seeing a great presentation on newly discovered biometrics/fingerprint vulnerabilities (“Fingerprints On Mobile Devices: Abusing And Leaking”, by Tao Wei and Yulong Zhang) at Blackhat 2015, I have to wonder why we are…read more

Encryptor RaaS (Ransomware as a Service)

July 28, 2015By Tyler Moffitt

A new ransomware has emerged and its very similar to tox as it is created for hackers to easily design encrypting ransomware payloads to distrube from their botnets. Since the creator of Tox was selling…read more