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A peek inside a managed spam service

May 17, 2012By Dancho Danchev

Just how easy is it to become a spammer in 2012? Too easy to be true. Especially in times when everything needed to become a spammer, starting for a managed spam appliance, DIY…read more

Poison Ivy trojan spreading across Skype

May 15, 2012By Dancho Danchev

Last night, a friend of mine surprisingly messaged me at 6:33 AM on Skype, with a message pointing to what appeared to be a photo site with the message “hahahahaha foto” and a…read more

A peek inside a boutique cybercrime-friendly E-shop

May 8, 2012By Dancho Danchev

The vibrant cybercrime ecosystem is populated by a diverse set of market players. From sellers, to buyers and vendors, sophisticated cybercriminals next to novice cybercriminals, everyone is persistently looking for ways to monetize…read more

New DIY email harvester released in the wild

April 16, 2012By Dancho Danchev

In order for cybercriminals to launch, spam, phishing and targeted attacks, they would first have to obtain access to a “touch point”, in this case, your valid email address, IM screen name, or…read more