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ZeroAccess Gets Another Update

July 19, 2011By glhaldeman

By Marco Giuliani Among the most infamous kernel mode rootkits in the wild, most of them have had a slowdown in their development cycle – TDL rootkit, MBR rootkit, Rustock are just some…read more

Free Anti-Popureb Tool Released

July 8, 2011By Andrew Brandt

Last week, threat researcher and malware reverse-engineer Marco Giuliani wrote up a fairly technical description of a bootkit — a rootkit that infects the master boot record of the hard drive, making it…read more

ZeroAccess Rootkit Guards Itself with a Tripwire

July 8, 2011By Marco Giuliani

By Marco Giuliani The latest generation of a rapidly evolving family of kernel-mode rootkits called, variously, ZeroAccess or Max++, seems to get more powerful and effective with each new variant. The rootkit infects…read more

Five Summer Travel Security Tips

June 24, 2011By Andrew Brandt

Ah, summer. Beaches, drinks with little umbrellas, 4th of July fireworks, baseball games, reading long cheesy novels in a lounge chair, teleconferencing with colleagues from your hotel room in Aruba. Wait, what? Yes,…read more