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Why Put Security Into the Cloud?

June 7, 2011By glhaldeman

This week, Webroot’s Thre@t Reply managed to steal some time with Ian Moyse, who knows a thing or two about the benefits of putting your computer and network security into the cloud, out…read more

MacProtector: Rogue of the Week

May 27, 2011By Andrew Brandt

This week, we turn our attention temporarily away from the never-ending stream of rogue security products on the Windows platform and take a closer look at the Mac OS analogue, MacProtector (aka Mac…read more

Thre@t Reply: What’s a Firewall?

May 24, 2011By Armando Orozco

This week’s Thre@t Reply video features Threat Research Analyst Armando Orozco answering one of the most frequently asked questions we receive: What is a firewall, and how does it work? Well, the actual…read more

Rogue of the Week: Windows Recovery

May 19, 2011By Andrew Brandt

Word from the AMR group last week was that there weren’t many changes from the previous week; Many of the same rogue antivirus previously reported in this blog continue to plague the Internet….read more

Chinese Android Trojan Texts Premium Numbers

May 11, 2011By Armando Orozco

By Andrew Brandt and Armando Orozco A Trojaned application that displays a cutesy image of a 2011 calendar on an Android device’s desktop comes with a nasty surprise: The app sends text messages…read more

Antivirus Center: Rogue of the Week

May 10, 2011By Brenden Vaughan

By Andrew Brandt and Brenden Vaughan Our Advanced Malware Removal group reported seeing several cases of a rogue called Antivirus Center this past week. The rogue isn’t new – we began seeing samples…read more

Thre@t Reply: “Online Shopping” | Part 1 of 2

May 2, 2011By Grayson Milbourne

In the latest Thre@t Reply video, Threat Research Analyst Grayson Milbourne answers a reader’s question about how to avoid being phished. The first step is to be able to identify whether you’re on…read more