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Shorty Worm Spams Links, Hijacks Browsers

March 4, 2011By Grayson Milbourne

A novel worm we’re calling Worm-IM-Shorty appears to be winding its way through Facebook and some instant messaging services, with its come-on disguised as a link to a photograph hosted elsewhere. But when…read more

Tips to Avoid Tax Season Scams

January 28, 2011By glhaldeman

By Jeff Horne, Director, Threat Research As tax season rolls around again in the US and UK, it seems like a good time to revisit the perils taxpayers face seemingly every year at…read more

Google Results Tarnished Again to Push Rogues

January 15, 2011By Andrew Brandt

It’s been a few months since Google implemented new ways that it displays search results, and in that time, it’s been difficult to find the kinds of hijacked search results we saw in…read more

Christmas IE Zero-Day Thwarted. Ho ho ho.

December 23, 2010By Andrew Brandt

Yesterday, two different 0 day exploits against Internet Explorer were published, just in time for the holidays when most of you (and many security researchers as well) are taking time off from work….read more

Chinese Trojan Turns Infected PCs Into Web Servers

December 4, 2010By Andrew Brandt

A complex and elaborately conceived family of malware that originates in China installs the Apache Web server, as well as half a dozen keylogger and downloader payloads, disguised as components of legitimate apps….read more

Karagany Isn’t a Doctor, but Plays One on Your PC

November 22, 2010By Andrew Brandt

A Trojan that pulls a sly performance of now-you-see-me-now-you-don’t disguises itself on an infected system as the Adobe Updater, a real program that’s installed alongside such mainstay applications as the Adobe Reader. This…read more

Rogue AV Spam Invades Multiply, Yahoo Mail

November 10, 2010By Andrew Brandt

While nowhere near the size of the mammoth Facebook, the social network Multiply is no slouch. Based in Boca Raton, Florida, the site is designed around not only sharing photos and videos with…read more