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Market leading ‘standardized cybercrime-friendly E-shop’ service brings 2500+ boutique E-shops online


The rise of boutique cybercrime-friendly E-shops, which we’ve extensively profiled in our “A Peek Inside a Boutique Cybercrime-Friendly E-Shop” series, continues further expanding as a market segment within the underground marketplace. Driven by the proliferation of public/commercially obtainable DIY (do it yourself) type of malware/botnet generating tools along side the ongoing standardization of the monetization process offered by opportunistic cybercriminals acting as intermediaries between those possessing the fraudulently obtained assets and their prospective customers, the market segment is prone to expand. Having already profiled a managed hosting service, empowering novice cybercriminals possessing compromised/hacked accounting information with efficient ways to monetize the stolen […]

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