New DIY IRC-based DDoS bot spotted in the wild

March 4, 2013By Dancho Danchev

Thanks to basic disruptive factors like standardization, DIY (do it yourself) underground market releases, Cybercrime-as-a-Service “value added” propositions, efficiency-centered client-side exploitation process, QA (Quality Assurance), and adaptation to the ubiquitous endpoint protection mechanisms, such as for instance, signatures-based antivirus scanning, the cybercrime…read more

Recap from RSA2013: Android Malware Exposed

February 28, 2013By Richard Melick

On Wednesday, February 27th, Webroot’s Security Intelligence Director (Grayson Milbourne) and  Senior Mobile Analyst (Armando Orozco) presented at the RSA Conference in San Francisco.  Their topic, Android Malware Exposed – An In-depth Look…read more