Facebook Phishing Campaign Wants Your Passwords

November 2, 2009By Andrew Brandt

Yet another new phishing campaign targeting users of Facebook¬†struck over the Halloween holiday weekend. After scammers began filling inboxes last week with bogus “Facebook update” attachments, this weekend we saw a different group…read more

How Phishers Target WoW Players

August 21, 2009By Grayson Milbourne

Yesterday, at the opening of our BlizzCon coverage, we showed you just how commonly phishers target WoW players by posting innocuous-looking links in message board or forums frequented by players. Today, we’ve produced…read more

Steam Users Targeted by Phishers

August 4, 2009By Andrew Brandt

A phishing campaign that started around the beginning of the year, targeting gamers who use Valve Software’s Steam network, continues unabated but with a twist: The phishers have registered dozens of domain names,…read more

Gamers: Fight the Phishers

June 17, 2009By Andrew Brandt

Last week, I posted a blog item that explained how gamers face a growing security threat in phishing Trojans — software that can steal the passwords to online games, or the license keys…read more

If You’ve Got Game, Phishers Want Your Stuff

June 12, 2009By Andrew Brandt

Since the beginning of the year, my colleagues in the Threat Research group and I have been researching an absolutely astonishing volume of phishing Trojans designed solely to steal what videogame players value…read more

Old Chinese Hack Tool Used for New Tricks

May 14, 2009By Andrew Brandt

This week’s installment of what’s-old-is-new-again in the world of malware¬†comes from one of the many groups making and distributing phishing Trojans in China. Earlier this year, someone discovered a hacktool called ZXArps, and…read more