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New TDoS market segment entrant introduces 96 SIM cards compatible custom GSM module, positions itself as market disruptor


In need of a good example, that malicious adversaries are constantly striving to ‘innovate’, thereby disrupting underground market segments, rebooting TTPs’ (tactics, techniques and procedures) life cycles, standardizing and industrializing their fraudulent/malicious ‘know-how’? We’re about to give you a pretty good one. Regular readers of Webroot’s Threat Blog, are no strangers to the emerging TDoS (Telephony Denial of Service)¬†underground market segment. Primarily relying on the active abuse of legitimate services, such as, for instance, Skype and ICQ, as well as to the efficient and mass abuse of non-attributable SIM cards, for the purpose of undermining the availability of a victim’s/organization’s […]

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