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Pop-up ads are disruptive, annoying and intrusive, and they can frustrate even the most patient computer user. What's worse, pop-up ads ruin your online enjoyment and rob you of valuable time and productivity. Pop-Up Washer blocks unwanted pop-ups so you can regain control of your computer and enjoy surfing the Web again.

A must-have tool for defeating constantly evolving adware technology, Pop-Up Washer:

  • Blocks pop-ups and pop-unders without interrupting your online activities
  • Works seamlessly with Internet Explorer* for ease of use
  • Gives you the option to permit pop-ups from trusted sites for fast and easy navigation

What's New in Version 2.5

Updated engine blocks the newest and most aggressive pop-up ads:

  • Floating pop-ups that glide across your screen
  • Mouse-over ads triggered by cursoring over an item on a Web page
  • Mass attack ads that deliver eight or more pop-ups at once