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Webroot SecureAnywhere®
Web Security Service

Automating Management Reports

Full Visibility Web Usage And Reduced Administration Of Reporting

In addition to malware protection, the need to accurately monitor and assess employees’ web usage represents a key reason why organizations install web security.

Web logs and management reports enable IT administrators to share information with executives and department heads. This enables organizations to implement sensible web usage policies that allow productive business activity while also blocking inappropriate use.

Webroot automated management reports enable continuous review of policies for relevance to business needs. These reports can also highlight any HR, Legal, or policy or compliance issues created by certain types of web usage.

Some were using Microsoft; some were using SurfControl or even something else. But they were all too hard to manage and took too much administration to get it right.

- Mylan Simons, Senior Technical Analyst, Appleby

Near Real-time Auditing, Logging and Reporting

The Webroot Security Service produces near real-time logs that give administrators an up-to-the-moment view of which sites and download users have attempted to access—and whether or not they had permission.

Administrator can access the service logs for one year, making it easy to access historical information and generate key metric reports. Detailed reports—run scheduled or ad-hoc—allow administrators to quickly view graphs of web traffic trends, blocked malware, bandwidth usage and more.

Administrators can also schedule distribution of reports via email to a user or list of user. Reports can contain up to 100 charts detailing Internet use. This automation of reporting minimizes administrative time and ensures timely reporting.

Easy Log Searching and Exporting

The Webroot SecureAnywhere Web Security Service stores log data—including data on deleted groups—for one year. Administrators can quickly search by specifying specific dates (up to a range of 90 days).

For ranges larger than 90 days, the service allows processing logs as CSV files with up to two million lines, which can also be exported for analysis in other reporting applications.

Canned Charts with Interactive Drill-downs

Preconfigured and canned charts show bandwidth trends as well as top activity for blocked and allowed sites. These dynamic and interactive charts let administrators view results immediately.

Webroot reporting also allows administrators to configure custom chart types that represent a particular slice of usage. For example, rather than the 10 users shown in the standard Top Blocked Users by Time Spent Surfing report, it is simple to change the report to show to the top 20 or 50 users.

Administrators can schedule these custom saved charts for delivery on a regular basis to specified users. Recipients can interactively drill down into reports. For example, in a bar chart showing Top 10 Users by Bandwidth, clicking on a bar would show details for that user, such as Top 10 Domains by Bandwidth. Further analysis could include when the user accessed the domain and how much bandwidth they used.

Saved Effort, Time and Cost

Logging and reporting capabilities provide relevant web usage information available to administrators and non-IT staff whenever they need it. This makes it easy to manage web usage and provide accountability.

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