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Webroot SecureAnywhere®
Web Security Service

Streamlining Management

Simplifying Web Security For Remote Users And Multiple Locations

A major advantage of a true cloud web security solution—coupled with cloud-based management—is visibility into all users and policy control over their entire web browsing activities.

Traditional secure web gateways cannot manage users unless they can be monitored through a network presence.  Consequently, many organizations must back-haul off-network users into the network via a VPN, which increases bandwidth demands and reduces web performance the further they are from the network.

The Webroot SecureAnywhere® Web Security Service—with its desktop web proxy agent—directs all web traffic through the nearest datacenter for optimum web performance. This centralized control over remote users and multiple locations also ensures web usage is always subject to policy control, a critical capability that other so-called cloud web security solutions cannot deliver.

I love the Web Security Service admin console and being able to manage that service from one place. The desktop administration is so much easier to use than McAfee’s. Since we’ve put Webroot on the network we have not had one persistent infection.

- Dave Wayman, System Administrator – System One Services

No On-Premise Management Infrastructure

Eliminating the need for any on-premise management infrastructure, servers or appliances represents one of the most obvious benefits of cloud-based web security.

For distributed organizations, this benefit cuts out the traditional cost and complexity of installing and maintaining web gateways at multiple locations. It also eliminates the need to plan for redundancy and resilience, or even disaster recovery contingencies. The Webroot SecureAnywhere Web Security Service N+1 infrastructure maintains and guarantees all of these.

In addition to streamlining management and removing complexity, the cloud-based service also saves on the daily administration effort required to support and manage a fixed web security infrastructure.  All of this delivers significant operational savings.

Custom Dashboard for Better Web Usage Visibility

A customizable dashboard lets an administrator chose from among 15 items to create a six-component display. At a glance the dashboard offers near real-time web traffic summaries, including access by category and popular search terms.

Real-time logging and reporting—not offered in other ‘cloud’ services—provide logs that are instantly accessible for up to 365 days. These make it easy for administrators to access historical information and generate key metrics and reports.

Roles-Based Administration Access

The capability to grant highly flexible and detailed access rights to administrators offers significant benefits where Legal, HR and other user auditing and reporting may be required. It allows the overall administrator to provide access to non-IT staff.  Access can be restricted to either a view-only status or full administration over different areas of the console as appropriate. Full log files are maintained of access—who, what and when.  Additionally, since the service is operated by Webroot the opportunity to change or alter log data is significantly diminished, making the process of granting access more secure.

Fast Flexible Policy Implementation

Unlike other cloud-based services, the Webroot SecureAnywhere Web Security Service delivers policy changes to all users as soon as they are put into effect.  Webroot offers an SLA guaranteeing 99% of all policy changes per month will be implemented across our global datacenter network within 15 minutes.

This means you can be sure policy changes are put into effect in a timely matter and applied consistently across all intended users.

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