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NEW – Choose Between Two Powerful And Intuitive Web-Based Management Consoles

A cornerstone of reducing the time and costs associated with managing endpoint security is Webroot SecureAnywhere’s® choice of web-based management consoles – opt for either the Standard or the new Global Site Manager console to match your management needs.


The Standard endpoint security management console is designed with ease of administration in mind and eliminates the need to install and manage a separate dedicated management server. Critical endpoint information is presented clearly and immediately, highlighting any endpoints needing attention. Simple in its design, this powerful and intuitive console provides quick access to group and policy management, endpoint settings, and all the remote access controls necessary for most types of standard, uncomplicated endpoint deployments.

NEW Global Site Manager

The Global Site Manager console is purpose designed to offer hierarchical layered views that let thousands of endpoints be simply managed via a single console. Designed with MSPs and large multi-location Enterprises in mind it makes it easy to shift between global and individual site/customer views, or mine down right to the individual user level. Global Site Manager offers a highly scalable, efficient and structured way to manage complex deployment scenarios and the multi-layered administrative access rights to provide delegated management too.

Other key Global Site Manager features include more sophisticated threat alerting, reporting and policy controls that ensure malware is identified, removed and contained before it impacts any part of the business. There is also a built-in auto-provisioning tool that allows new users and keycode licenses to be issued without needing to contact Webroot to purchase new license key codes. Global Site Manager puts the Administrator in complete control, as licenses are now issued automatically from within Global Site Manager and any billing changes automatically adjusted, co-termed and invoiced. This saves huge amounts of administration time.

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Video:  Web Based Management Console

The Webroot SecureAnywhere® web-based management console can be accessed via any web browser by entering a user name and password, plus an individual security code that ensures only legitimate Administrators will gain access.  Additional administrators can be added and given varied access permissions to ensure the appropriate levels of control over policies, reporting, alerting and management of endpoints.

The ‘Home’ page of the management console provides links to Endpoint Security, Mobile Security and the Webroot Community.

By providing an instant overview of protected endpoints and their current statuses, plus the ability to drill into the details directly from the Status Page, administration is greatly simplified.  The Webroot SecureAnywhere management console allows you to access all the features needed for viewing, remotely interacting with and managing endpoints under clear headings that include:

Management Console – Status Page

By clicking on the Endpoint Security tab, the Administrator is taken to the Status page, which provides a complete overview of all deployed endpoints. The status page also gives the ability to drill into details directly, greatly simplifying user administration.

The Status Page shows:

Management Console - Status Page


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Video: Remote Agent-to-Console Communication

The Webroot SecureAnywhere® console has the unique ability to send a variety of powerful Agent Commands and Overrides in addition to policy updates.  These can be broadcasted to individual endpoints or all endpoints under management regardless of their geographic location or corporate network connectivity.

As long as the endpoint has an Internet connection, the commands are delivered with no need for any end user interaction. If an endpoint is offline at the time a command is sent, then the next time it goes online the Agent automatically checks-in with the management console and receives any pending commands.

Rather than having the console ‘push’ commands down, Webroot SecureAnywhere Agents poll and pull from the management console for policy changes, overrides and Agent Commands.  This ‘heartbeat’ communication occurs at regular intervals that are set and controlled by the administrator and are a very efficient way of communication. This occurs regardless of location, so if employees have a high degree of mobility, it greatly simplifies the task of remote user management.

Communications between the Agents, Management Console and the Webroot® Intelligence Network are critical for the successful operation of Webroot SecureAnywhere. Therefore they are hardened and designed to be secure from tampering or interference. The Agents communicate using secure communications and if any Agent has not checked-in recently, its status is highlighted in the ‘Endpoint Activity’ panel on the Status Page of the management console.

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