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Webroot Spy Sweeper Enterprise More Than Three Times as Effective at Detecting and Removing Spyware as Competition

Webroot Bests McAfee and Sunbelt in Anti-Spyware Test Performed By VeriTest, an Independent Testing service of Lionbridge

Boulder, CO – March 26, 2006

Webroot Software, Inc., the leading provider of anti-spyware software for the enterprise and consumers, today announced the results of a new comprehensive test that compared the effectiveness of competing enterprise-class anti-spyware software. According to the results, Webroot was more than three times as effective as Sunbelt and nearly twice as effective as McAfee at cleaning all types of spyware. This test for enterprise-class anti-spyware effectiveness was conducted by VeriTest, a testing service of Lionbridge (NASDAQ:LIOX).

Over a four month period, Lionbridge’s VeriTest engineering team tested Webroot Spy Sweeper Enterprise 2.5.1 against McAfee Antivirus Enterprise with AntiSpyware Module 8.0 and Sunbelt Counterspy Enterprise version 1.5.268. The rigorous testing methodology included a test bed of two hundred randomly selected spies, divided into the following categories: adware, system monitor, and Trojans. Each product was judged on its ability to "fully clean" each piece of spyware - a comprehensive term for detecting and removing - from multiple machines. The results of a product’s effectiveness against each of the 200 spies was measured against an extremely sophisticated set of criteria that required each to be met in order to gain a "clean" rating.

Overall, Webroot fully cleaned 94 percent of the entire test bed, while McAfee cleaned 53 percent and Sunbelt only 26 percent. Against McAfee, Webroot was almost twice as effective at fully cleaning all types of spyware, nearly 1.75 times more effective at fully cleaning adware, more than 5.8 times more effective at fully cleaning system monitors and almost over 1.3 times more effective at fully cleaning Trojan horses. When tested against Sunbelt, Webroot was more than 3.65 times more effective at fully cleaning all types of spyware, 3.22.8 times more effective at fully cleaning adware, more than 9.6 times more effective at fully cleaning system monitors and more than 3.32 times more effective at fully cleaning Trojan horses.

"This was one of the most comprehensive tests ever performed for enterprise anti-spyware solutions. The testing methodology was exceptionally rigorous and keenly accurate, so we are extremely pleased with this validation of our best of breed technology," said Gerhard Eschelbeck, CTO and senior vice president of engineering at Webroot Software. "More importantly, very few corporations have the time or sophistication to perform such a comprehensive evaluation in-house, our customers - and enterprises across the globe - now have an independent resource that provides an authoritative evaluation of enterprise anti-spyware solutions."

VeriTest noted in the report, "In this robust test that spanned four months and included 200 spies, with simultaneous installations of adware, system monitors and Trojans, Webroot Spy Sweeper Enterprise significantly outperformed the Sunbelt and McAfee products by accurately identifying and effectively removing more spyware programs than the competitive products."

The release of the VeriTest results follows on the heels of Webroot's announcement last month that both Spy Sweeper and Spy Sweeper Enterprise were the first products to receive Checkmark Anti-Spyware Certification in the newly established ‘Anti-Spyware Installed’ category from West Coast Labs, a leading independent testing organization for information security products.

Spy Sweeper Enterprise 2.5 is designed specifically to proactively protect users from the most malicious types of spyware including trojans, keyloggers, system monitors and other potentially unwanted software programs. The Enterprise version is powered by Smart Shields, the industry's most advanced real-time blocking technology, and Phileas – Webroot's own automated spyware research system designed specifically to root out and identify spyware anywhere on the web. Spy Sweeper Enterprise was recently awarded best overall anti-malware solution and the best anti-spyware solution by SC Magazine.

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