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Anonymizing Proxy Detection

Preventing The Use Of Anonymizing Proxies To Bypass Web Usage Policies

Many cloud-based web security solutions fail to prevent users from circumventing usage controls. Clever employees can simply go to anonymizing proxies and proxy bypass sites, which promise to help them get past “pesky URL or IP based filters.”

While URL filtering policies already block most of these sites, new sites pop up quickly and technically astute employees can build their own homegrown anonymizers using simple downloadable code. Existing lists of bad URLs will not contain newly established sites or homegrown versions.

Webroot really excelled when we needed help protecting our mobile user’s Internet access. Previously we could not identity remote users and this was causing us a huge problem. Webroot helped us deal with this tricky problem by delivering a very elegant solution that really works.

- Ivan Shiel, Scope’s IT Operations Manager

Propriety Anonymizing Proxy Detection

Webroot® employs propriety technology that is specifically designed to defeat users who attempt to either access blocked pages or circumvent monitoring by using proxy bypass sites and anonymizing proxies.

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