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Webroot’s cloud-based approach allows for more flexible and immediate remediation conducted by a support representative on the behalf of the customer. Instead of having to wait prolonged periods for packaged definition updates, the customer gets near real-time satisfaction in resolution of their issue with targeted definition and rules that apply instantly to their entire deployment base.

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With Webroot SecureAnywhere, you simply install it, set it, and forget it!

Webroot SecureAnywhere’s cloud architecture allows administrators to make their own real-time determination changes, without relying upon support, using the web-based management console.

Unlike most legacy endpoint security solutions, there is no need for an administrator to submit a Support ticket to override a determination made by Webroot SecureAnywhere. The administrator has complete control over which files are allowed to run on endpoints. They have the ability to classify files as Good or Bad, and apply overrides globally, or to individual policies.

For example, if an administrator decided that their users should not be allowed to use a specific program, such as torrent software, the administrator can use an MD5 override to flag the file as ‘Bad’ during scans and quarantine it. This allows administrators to stop endpoints from running undesirable applications. Alternatively, if corporate policies change or a blocked application needs to be restored, administrators have the ability to reverse any overrides and restore the files from quarantine.

Webroot SecureAnywhere frees administrators from a forced dependency upon vendor customer support, and allows administrators to control how their environment responds to threats. It provides automated and robust endpoint security, but enables administrators to make the final decision regarding what programs are truly acceptable for individuals or groups to be using in their environment.


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Video: Fully Integrated In- Product Support

Webroot SecureAnywhere® Support was designed from the ground-up to eliminate many of the Support issues companies have been conditioned to accept. We have architected a high degree of automation into our processes, in order to help customers avoid having to make Support calls in the first place. Our goal is to minimize customer wait time and shorten the overall duration of a call if required.

While the ability to call Support is always available, our customers normally choose to open a ticket from within Webroot SecureAnywhere - due to the added efficiency, speed, and thoroughness of the resolution provided.

Administrators can open a ticket directly from the web-based management console, or also enable end- users to open their own support tickets from the Webroot SecureAnywhere system tray icon on their endpoints.

This was the best, most pleasant, and best resolved support situation I have ever encountered.

Behind the scenes, Webroot® is already in motion to facilitate a solution. Endpoints can be configured to automatically upload log files to Webroot for rapid analysis and response. This proactive approach to incidents allows Webroot to assess the situation, and often remediate the issue, within a few minutes of submission. We are already fully-armed with license, system, and endpoint log and scan information to identify root-cause, and help our customers achieve a fast resolution.

Another unique aspect of Webroot Support is a feature of Webroot SecureAnywhere’s cloud architecture. Unlike legacy solutions that rely on the development of patches or special signature updates, real- time changes may easily be made during a support engagement with Webroot. For instance, it is possible for Webroot Support to correct an agent determination and instantly have the customer’s agents reflect that change without having to go through any other tedious processes.

With Webroot SecureAnywhere, Customers and Technical Support no longer waste valuable time gathering information. Through automation and streamlined process flows, everyone is able to squarely focus their attention on speedily resolving any issues at hand.

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