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Top 10 Tumblr Wine, Spirits and Mixology Sites

The best booze blogs hand-picked for the discriminating drinker

Alcohol-related Tumblr sites are kind of like the cheapo wines you can pick up at your local drug store; most come on too strong or disappointingly weak, go down bitter and leave you confused, blurry-eyed and hoping you didn't make some sort of terrible, terrible mistake.

Top 10 Tumblr Wine, Spirits and Mixology Sites

Luckily, this run down of the top wine, spirits and mixology Tumblr sites highlights 10 of the tastiest top-shelf blends around to keep you sampling the Chardeaus rather than the Char-don’ts.

1. Interesting Drinks for the Interesting Drinker  

When a gin and tonic or Jack on the rocks just won't cut it, this Tumblr site points you to drinks that are much more adventurous than your average cocktail. Admittedly, "L.A. Water" probably tastes better than it sounds; but, how can you go wrong with an M&M shooter?

2. The Wine, The Beer

The e-home of Harvest Wine & Spirits – "a little wine shop with a big heart" – in West Hartford, Connecticut, this top Tumblr wine, spirits and mixology site focuses on the blends and backstories of artisanal drinks from craft brewers and winemakers.

3. The Drunken Moogle

Who knew alcohol and video games went together like Mario and Luigi? This geek-centric site brings you the best gaming-related drinking accessories and frequently includes recipes for mixed drinks based on specific games and characters. Sake Bomberman, anyone?

4. The Wine Hobbyist

Beverly claims that wine's just a hobby, but the frequency and depth of her wine reviews put most professional critics to shame. She also drops the occasional wine-knowledge bomb and cocktail recipe.

5. Whisky Blender

This Tumblr celebrates all things based around everyone's favorite fermented grain mash. Witness favorite “Star Trek” character Scotty lovingly holding a bottle, and learn why scotch sometimes smells like Band-Aids… then wonder why this site wasn't in your life before.

6. Cocktails Examiner

This frequently updated Tumblr features beautiful pictures of tasty drinks, complete with instructions on how to make them. These recipes aren't quite as adventurous as the ones found in the "Interesting Drinks…" Tumblr, but sometimes a little less crazy is a good thing.

7. PartyRehabb

This popular Tumblr site is dedicated to partying hard. Chasing tequila with vodka might seem smart right before closing time at the bar, but slapping a best-in-class mobile security solution on your phone beforehand is a good idea no matter what time it is.

8. The Wine Guy

In addition to the usual collection of wine-related photos, this Tumblr is jam-packed with helpful and informative videos ranging from basics like "How to read a wine label" to interviews with top sommeliers and wine directors.

9. Decant Chicago

Wine enthusiasts will love the beautiful pictures of wineries, vineyards and wines on Decant Chicago, the Tumblr owned by wine professional Cara Patricia. Don't let the blog's name fool you; Patricia may have been born in Chicago, but now she's picking grapes in Napa Valley.

10. Drinking Things

Drinking Things is from an aspiring master sommelier, but he mixes business with pleasure by including cocktail pictures and recipes alongside the Chardonnay shots. There's also a lot of behind-the-curtains info about the professional wine scene.

Before you spend a night on the town, be sure to prepare your smartphone or tablet for possible loss. You don't want your private data hitting the public web if you leave your mobile device sitting on the bar.

By Brad Chacos