Morto Worm Annoyances Outstrip Functionality

August 31, 2011By Andrew Brandt

The past couple of days have been very busy for a lot of people, following the announcement by Microsoft that they had discovered a new network worm called Morto. After reading the refreshingly…read more

Trojans Employ Misdirection Instead of Obfuscation

August 25, 2011By Andrew Brandt

An unusual family of Trojans, apparently of Chinese origin, engages in rootkit-like behavior which seems designed not to hide the presence of the malware on an infected system, but to misdirect or confuse…read more

Targeted Malware Infects Windows-based Cash Registers

August 9, 2011By Andrew Brandt

A serious, targeted threat from customized malware that steals credit card magnetic strip track data could literally bankrupt your business. That’s the message two security researchers from Trustwave gave at their talk during…read more

Two Days in Vegas: Black Hat in Brief

August 5, 2011By Andrew Brandt

The Black Hat briefings, held Wednesday and Thursday this week, once again brought together some of the best and brightest in the security industry to share knowledge about novel attacks and better defenses…read more

New Tool Released: Kiss (or Kick) ZeroAccess Goodbye

August 3, 2011By Andrew Brandt

There are fewer types of malware infections more frustrating and annoying than a rootkit with backdoor capabilities. Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen the emergence of this new, tough-to-fight infectious code,…read more

This Week: Black Hat Coverage

August 3, 2011By Andrew Brandt

As I do every year, I’ve deliberately traveled to the most inhospitable climate zone in the continental US — that is, the city of Las Vegas — to attend the elite technical conference…read more

Free Anti-Popureb Tool Released

July 8, 2011By Andrew Brandt

Last week, threat researcher and malware reverse-engineer Marco Giuliani wrote up a fairly technical description of a bootkit — a rootkit that infects the master boot record of the hard drive, making it…read more