Visa Targeted (Again) by Zbot Phishers

December 11, 2009By Andrew Brandt

The gang of malware distributors who are currently flooding the Internet with bogus Facebook “Update Tool,” CDC “H1N1 Flu Vaccination Profile,” and IRS “Tax Statement” emails and Web pages are at it again…read more

New Koobface Creates its Own Malicious Web Pages

December 10, 2009By Andrew Brandt

Over the past several months, we’ve seen Koobface steadily progress in its ability to infect systems with malware. In our latest tests, we’ve found that the most recent version of this social-networm has…read more

Bogus “New Moon” Torrents Lead to Malware

December 4, 2009By Andrew Brandt

A week since the file-sharing clearinghouse Mininova changed its business model and deleted links to copyrighted material being shared over the peer-to-peer Bittorrent network, malware distributors continue to exploit the confusion as people…read more

Fake Zbot Site Poses as CDC H1N1 Flu Vaccine Info

December 1, 2009By Andrew Brandt

The newest victim of the faux–Web–sites-posing-as-government-pages scam is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In the same vein as fake pages supposedly hosted on the Web servers of the IRS, FDIC, and…read more

Fakealerts Target Black Friday Online Shoppers

November 27, 2009By Andrew Brandt

Now that the turkey and pumpkin pie has settled, and everyone’s gotten a good night’s sleep, shoppers are busily hustling the Web for the best deals. I’ve been doing the same thing, and…read more

Fakealerts: Building a Better Mousetrap

November 25, 2009By Andrew Brandt

In general, the use of fakealerts — those bogus warnings that look like your PC has started some sort of antivirus scan on its own, then predict imminent doom if you don’t buy…read more

Rogues Mug Big Bird on his Birthday

November 4, 2009By Andrew Brandt

In a move sure to raise the ire of Sesame Street fans everywhere, the black hat SEO gangs that have been manipulating Google results for the better part of the year have seized…read more

Facebook Phishing Campaign Wants Your Passwords

November 2, 2009By Andrew Brandt

Yet another new phishing campaign targeting users of Facebook struck over the Halloween holiday weekend. After scammers began filling inboxes last week with bogus “Facebook update” attachments, this weekend we saw a different group…read more