Outlook “Patch” Spam Leads to Keyloggers

October 21, 2009By Andrew Brandt

Hot on the heels of the spam campaigns involving emails which purport to come from the IRS, HMRC, and from your IT department comes another round of fake “notification” spam emails — this…read more

Spammers Use Bing to Bypass Filters, Spam Bad Links

October 19, 2009By Andrew Brandt

Word came down from our┬áThreat Research team this morning about a new spam campaign that uses upstart Bing search engine’s own redirection mechanism to bypass spam filters and send undesirable links over email….read more

Trojan Uses Commercial Firewall to Block AV Updates

October 16, 2009By Andrew Brandt

Purveyors of rogue security products continue to bulk up their arsenal of stupid tricks, all of which are designed to induce either fear or frustration in victims. Increasingly, certain distributions of rogue antivirus…read more

Postmortem Michael Jackson Track Dredges Rogues

October 12, 2009By Andrew Brandt

As we’ve discussed so many times in the past, search terms that include the names of celebrities make good targets for malware authors, and search terms that include the name of dead celebrities…read more

Trojan Decodes Captchas Using Stolen Commercial Tools

October 2, 2009By Andrew Brandt

A new Trojan quietly circulating in the wild uses components from a commercial optical character recognition (OCR) application to decode captchas, those jumbled-text images meant to help a website discern human activity from…read more

One Click, and the Exploit Kit’s Got You

September 18, 2009By Andrew Brandt

After all the brouhaha surrounding the NYTimes.com website hosting ads which spawned rogue antivirus Fakealerts last weekend, I spent a considerable amount of time looking at so-called exploit kits this week. These are…read more

“Shipping Confirmation” Malware on the Rise

September 15, 2009By Andrew Brandt

As autumn approaches, the world typically sees an increase in the number of online shopping trips, as people take advantage of bargains from late-year sales, and prepare for various holidays. And, right on…read more