Five Summer Travel Security Tips

June 24, 2011By Andrew Brandt

Ah, summer. Beaches, drinks with little umbrellas, 4th of July fireworks, baseball games, reading long cheesy novels in a lounge chair, teleconferencing with colleagues from your hotel room in Aruba. Wait, what? Yes,…read more

MacProtector: Rogue of the Week

May 27, 2011By Andrew Brandt

This week, we turn our attention temporarily away from the never-ending stream of rogue security products on the Windows platform and take a closer look at the Mac OS analogue, MacProtector (aka Mac…read more

Rogue of the Week: Windows Recovery

May 19, 2011By Andrew Brandt

Word from the AMR group last week was that there weren’t many changes from the previous week; Many of the same rogue antivirus previously reported in this blog continue to plague the Internet….read more

Korean Rogues’ Slapfight Bonanza

April 11, 2011By Andrew Brandt

The other day, Threat Reseacher Dan Para sent along the video clip below, which gave us all a good laugh. Dan had been researching a Korean-language Trojan downloader, but when he ran the…read more

Webroot Answers Your Security Questions

April 5, 2011By Andrew Brandt

I’m very pleased to present today the first in a series of videos we’ve produced. The videos have the lofty goal of addressing the most pressing questions relating to malware, cybercrime, and online…read more