Five Reasons You Should Always “Stop. Think. Connect.”

October 4, 2010By Andrew Brandt

Today’s the official kickoff for National Cyber Security Awareness Month, and the organizations supporting the event, including the National Cyber Security Alliance, the Anti-Phishing Working Group, and dozens of corporate citizens including Webroot,…read more

Newsflash: HTML Spammers are Not So Bright

September 27, 2010By Andrew Brandt

It’s been more than a week that we at Webroot, and countless others, have been getting floods of bogus messages with HTML attachments. I thought I’d give the curious readers of this blog…read more

Civilization 5 Torrent Bonus: Uncivilized Malware

September 25, 2010By Andrew Brandt

Bootlegged copies of Civilization 5, the highly anticipated, just-released real time strategy game, are already popping up in file sharing services. And, as we’ve come to expect, some of the pirated copies of…read more

Malicious HTML Mail Attachments Flood Inboxes

September 22, 2010By Andrew Brandt

If you hadn’t already noticed, an ongoing spam campaign where someone is sending email messages with attached HTML files continues to be a problem. The current campaign appears to be a new wave…read more

Epic Malware Dropper Makes No Attempt to Hide

September 21, 2010By Andrew Brandt

In the world of first-person shooter games, getting the most headshots — hits on the opponent which instantly take the opponent’s avatar out of the game — is a prized goal. The headshot…read more

New Rogue Is Actually Five Rogues in One

September 16, 2010By Andrew Brandt

For years, the makers of those snake oil security programs we call Rogue Security Products have spent considerable effort making up new names, developing unique graphic design standards, and inventing backstories for their…read more

Fake Flash Update Needs Flash to Work

September 7, 2010By Andrew Brandt

If you live in the US, you may have played sports, barbequed, or enjoyed the last long weekend of the summer outside doing something fun outdoors. Unfortunately, that wasn’t an option here in…read more

PHP Backdoor Has Another Backdoor Inside

September 6, 2010By Andrew Brandt

Is there no honor among thieves anymore? The other day I was looking at a remote access Trojan written in the PHP scripting language. The bot loads into memory on a victim’s computer…read more