Welcome to the team, Dancho!

January 5, 2012By glhaldeman

Notice someone new on the Webroot Threat Blog? We’re thrilled to introduce Dancho Danchev – independent security consultant, cyber threat analyst and bad-guy chaser extraordinaire – as our new security blogger. Many of…read more

For your eyes only (please)

December 1, 2011By glhaldeman

By the Webroot Threat Team Have you ever had the queasy experience of sending a message to someone that you’d rather not have anyone else see, and then hoping that it won’t get…read more

Top 7 Cybersecurity Predictions for 2012

November 17, 2011By glhaldeman

By Mel Morris From Stuxnet to Sony, a number of cyberattacks emerged in 2011 that experts have predicted for quite some time. I predict 2012 will be even more pivotal, thrusting cybersecurity into…read more

In space, no one can hear you hack

November 14, 2011By glhaldeman

By the Webroot Threat Team Two of NASA’s satellites were hacked during 2007 and 2008, according to a draft report to be officially released later this month. According to the United States–China Economic…read more

Will you take Facebook’s candy?

November 9, 2011By glhaldeman

By the Webroot Threat Team It’s a creepy treat, with a serious underlying message. The latest viral website uses a horror movie format to show you just how much the average Facebook application…read more

A look inside the SpyEye Trojan admin console

October 24, 2011By glhaldeman

By Michael Johnson At Webroot we’ve been researching and chronicling developments with SpyEye since we first saw it in April 2010. This nasty Trojan is the successor to the Zeus Trojan, and it…read more