The Big Picture for 2011 Security Trends

December 13, 2010By glhaldeman

By Gerhard Eschelbeck As 2010 winds down, I wanted to pull out the crystal ball and talk for a moment about where the security industry seems to be heading in the coming year,…read more

Malware Threats: What Would Churchill Do?

November 3, 2010By glhaldeman

By Ian Moyse, EMEA Channel Director With Christmas fast approaching, (lest we forget the shops have kindly put all the Christmas goods out in September and early October again!) we can expect online…read more

The Lessons of a ‘Love Bug’ Still Ring True

May 4, 2010By glhaldeman

By Ian Moyse A decade on from the ILOVEYOU worm, what has changed—apart from ‘we’re older and (supposedly) wiser?’ We have allowed the bad in the real world to progressively infect our online…read more