Female PC gamers and Online Security

February 9, 2016By Richard Melick

In a 2016 survey of 500 PC gamers, Webroot discovered statistically significant differences in the ways that male and female gamers approach internet security, 3rd party modifications, and the way they choose to…read more

Dow Jones Data Breach

October 9, 2015By Richard Melick

In a letter to customers sent today, Dow Jones & Co has revealed that its services were breached, possibly exposing the credit and debit card information of customers. Reportedly only impacting “fewer than…read more

It’s Time To Join The Family

October 8, 2015By Richard Melick

Cybercrime. Remember the days when cybercrime was a word only super nerds and fans of the hilariously bad 1995 film Hackers used to say? No longer. You can hardly go a week without…read more

Recap of Black Hat 2015, Day 1

August 5, 2015By Richard Melick

This is hacker week. Well, not really that officially, but with Black Hat USA and DefCon happening in Vegas, the biggest collection of black and white hat hackers have come together with experts…read more

10 Tips To Survive Black Hat 2015

July 31, 2015By Richard Melick

Black Hat USA is next week, and with it will come some of the biggest hacker news of the year. From cars to mobile devices, all the way to the hotel HVAC, nothing…read more

Back to School Means Back to Security

July 29, 2015By Richard Melick

Not a week goes by where we are not hearing about, reporting on, or providing comment to another major breach. From big box chains to mom and pop shops, it seems to be…read more

The OPM data breach was probably inevitable

June 26, 2015By Richard Melick

Breaches big and small have been in the news, from small organizations losing banking files to global groups like Sony losing seemingly everything to hackers. But with the recent Office of Personnel Management…read more

A Recap of RSA 2015

April 27, 2015By Richard Melick

Last week marked one of the largest security conferences in the world, and with RSA 2015 now to a close, it is time to look back at what we shared, learned, and shown…read more

Webroot at RSA Conference 2015

April 17, 2015By Richard Melick

Webroot is excited to be returning as sponsor and briefing presenter of the 2015 RSA Conference in San Francisco, California. From April 20th to the 24th, the Bay Area will host one of…read more

Mobile World Congress 2015 – The Big Launches

March 4, 2015By Richard Melick

Mobile World Congress is the biggest tech show focusing on, wait for it, mobile technology in the world. With many of the big announcements having occurred at the beginning it’s time for us…read more