Fake Security Scams – 2015 Edition

April 27, 2015By Roy Tobin

New Year, Similar Scams In 2013,  I wrote an article talking about the popular Fake Microsoft Security Scams that were doing the rounds. As expected, these type of scams have continued to grow…read more

Zeus Infection Spoofing Bitdefender AV

January 6, 2014By Roy Tobin

Over the Christmas period, we here at Webroot  have noticed a large amount of Zeus infections that are spoofing the Bitdefender name. While infections spoofing AV companies aren’t unusual, it’s been a while…read more

Fake Microsoft Security Scam

April 30, 2013By Roy Tobin

Recently we have seen an increase in fake Microsoft scams, which function by tricking people into thinking that their PC is infected.  With these types of scams there are a number of things…read more