Why You Should be Using a Password Manager

September 1, 2017By Pawani Vaddi

From streaming entertainment to social media to our online bank accounts and software, we are inundated every day with the need to create and remember new passwords. In fact, one study revealed that…read more

Tips for Card Security and Fraud Protection

October 23, 2015By James Garcia

Cyber-criminals love to hit consumers where it hurts, and I’d say the most vulnerable location would have to be our wallets. I frequently receive inquiries asking how a consumer can better secure their credit…read more

Why are we using biometrics as passwords?

August 10, 2015By Cameron Palan

After seeing a great presentation on newly discovered biometrics/fingerprint vulnerabilities (“Fingerprints On Mobile Devices: Abusing And Leaking”, by Tao Wei and Yulong Zhang) at Blackhat 2015, I have to wonder why we are…read more

8 Tips to Stay Safe Online

August 6, 2014By Tyler Moffitt

Yesterday, the New York Times published an exclusive story on what many are stating to be the largest series of hacks ever, all revealed by Hold Security in their latest report. With a…read more

A Look at PC Gamer Security

July 30, 2014By Blog Staff

In the new study on security and PC gamers, Webroot found that many gamers sacrifice their protection to maximize system performance and leave themselves vulnerable to phishing attacks and gaming-focused malware. The study…read more

Phishing For Bank Account Information

December 6, 2012By Blog Staff

When you’re a threat researcher, you are always on the look out for anything that looks ‘phishy’, even if it’s on your own personal time. Today, I opened my personal email to find…read more