Industry Insights

Increasing Profits by Moving to the MSP Model

February 6, 2017By Blog Staff

The benefits of adopting the managed service provider (MSP) business model are compelling. After all, predictable, recurring revenue; deeper engagement with clients; and a trusted advisor relationship that generates further business opportunities all…read more

Maximizing MSP Profits with Cybersecurity Partnerships

December 13, 2016By Blog Staff

  Managed service providers are tasked with serving a broad range of markets, from construction to healthcare; accounting to legal; staffing firms to manufacturing; media and advertising to technology. But the day-to-day MSP…read more

Bringing Threat Intelligence to the Device

April 18, 2016By David Dufour

Previous posts in this series provided an overview of threat intelligence, its role within the IoT space, and how it can be used to prevent threats at the network perimeter in IoT Gateways. With…read more

Helping Organisations Stay Secure In An Unsecure Age

March 7, 2016By David Kennerley

  Seemingly every day, we’re reminded that companies need to work harder to stay secure during a time where cybercrime is rampant and many organizations remain vulnerable to attack.  I’ve recently been speaking to the…read more

Webroot Supports Open Network Insight Project

March 4, 2016By Mike Malloy

  On Monday of this week, Webroot joined Cloudera, the leading provider of modern data management and analytics systems built on Apache Hadoop, in announcing Open Network Insight (ONI) Project, a database and tools…read more