Behind the Scenes with Ransomware

March 2, 2017By Jesse Lopez

Locky (.osiris) O Locky, Locky! Wherefore art thou, Locky? Alas, could Locky be no more? At the beginning of 2017, data from the field suggested potential Locky infections had decreased dramatically, so we…read more

Satan: A new ransomware-as-a-service

January 19, 2017By Tyler Moffitt

Ransomware as a Service (RaaS) has been growing steadily since it made its debut in 2015 with Tox. With the new Satan service, it’s easier than ever. The idea is to use this…read more

Protecting Against Emerging Ransomware

September 21, 2016By LeVar Battle

  While ransomware has become a buzzword for some, cyber criminals have made it a lucrative business and one which they are constantly evolving. Each day, the Webroot BrightCloud® Threat Intelligence Platform monitors,…read more

Threat Recap: Week of August 22nd

August 26, 2016By Connor Madsen

  This week’s Threat Recap covers everything from, ‘Fantom’, the new ransomware that disguises itself as a Windows update, to hackers using Facebook photos to trick facial-recognition logins. Decryption Keys Released for Wildfire Ransomware…read more

Threat Recap: Week of August 15th

August 19, 2016By Connor Madsen

  This week’s Threat Recap is filled with everything from the latest retailer succumbing to malware infection to a possible hack on the NSA. Read up on five of the latest threat happenings to…read more

Malware as a Service: As Easy As It Gets

March 31, 2016By Marcus Moreno

    If you’ve ever been infected with serious malware, you may have assumed the culprit is a person sitting in the basement of their mom’s house, or a small group of people…read more

Locky Ransomware

February 22, 2016By Nathan Wyman

A new form of ransomware has hit the scene, and although this one has a playful nickname it is no fun at all. The bad news is that “Locky” ransomware will encrypt virtually…read more