Mass iframe injection campaign leads to Adobe Flash exploits

October 17, 2013By Blog Staff

We’ve intercepted an ongoing malicious campaign, relying on injected/embedded iFrames at Web sites acting as intermediaries for a successful client-side exploits to take place. Let’s dissect the campaign, expose the malicious domains portfolio/infrastructure…read more

Beware of Fake Adobe Flash Apps

August 23, 2012By Blog Staff

By Joe McManus Last week Adobe announced that they would no longer be supporting Flash for Android. Adobe will be removing Flash from the Android Marketplace and users should be wary of fake…read more

Researchers intercept a client-side exploits serving malware campaign

January 25, 2012By Blog Staff

Security researchers from Webroot have intercepted a currently active, client-side exploits-serving malicious campaign that has already managed to infect 18,544 computers across the globe, through the BlackHole web malware exploitation kit. More details:

Internet Misuse: Bandwidth Does Matter

December 14, 2010By Blog Staff

By Ian Moyse, EMEA Channel Director Recent studies demonstrate that upwards of 25% of Internet bandwidth in an office are consumed by employees misusing the internet. According to Gartner, the average growth of…read more

One Click, and the Exploit Kit’s Got You

September 18, 2009By Blog Staff

After all the brouhaha surrounding the website hosting ads which spawned rogue antivirus Fakealerts last weekend, I spent a considerable amount of time looking at so-called exploit kits this week. These are…read more