New DIY IRC-based DDoS bot spotted in the wild

March 4, 2013By Blog Staff

Thanks to basic disruptive factors like standardization, DIY (do it yourself) underground market releases, Cybercrime-as-a-Service “value added” propositions, efficiency-centered client-side exploitation process, QA (Quality Assurance), and adaptation to the ubiquitous endpoint protection mechanisms, such as for instance, signatures-based antivirus scanning, the cybercrime…read more

New Russian DIY DDoS bot spotted in the wild

September 28, 2012By Blog Staff

Over the last couple of years, the modular and open source nature of today’s modern DDoS (distributed denial of service) bots inevitably resulted in the rise of the DDoS for hire and DDoS…read more

A peek inside the Darkness (Optima) DDoS Bot

March 8, 2012By Blog Staff

With politically motivated DDoS (distributed denial of service attack) attacks proliferating along with the overall increase in the supply of managed “DDoS for hire” services, it’s time to get back the basics, and find out…read more

A peek inside the Cythosia v2 DDoS Bot

January 9, 2012By Blog Staff

by Dancho Danchev With DDoS extortion and DDoS for hire attacks proliferating, next to the ever decreasing price for renting a botnet, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that cybercriminals are constantly experimenting…read more