My friend stole my password!

March 13, 2017By Mike Rush

News of yet another breach at Target or Yahoo seems pretty commonplace these days. Sometimes, the frequency of big, newsworthy hacks can make us forget about more personal threats we face: the people…read more

Threat Recap: Week of September 19th

September 23, 2016By Connor Madsen

  It’s that time of week again. Our Threat Recap is bringing you the top news in cybersecurity from new OS releases to remote access of popular cars. Here are five of the…read more

Malware propagates through localized Facebook Wall posts

February 18, 2013By Blog Staff

We’ve recently intercepted a localized — to Bulgarian — malware campaign, that’s propagating through Facebook Wall posts. Basically, a malware-infected user would unknowingly post a link+enticing message, in this case “Check it out!“,…read more