Fake Reviews Trick Google Play Users

April 22, 2014By Blog Staff

Here at Webroot, we are constantly on the lookout for malevolent Android apps. In most cases, you do something malicious with your app and you get marked accordingly, but it’s not always that…read more

Research: Google’s reCAPTCHA under fire

February 1, 2012By Blog Staff

Who needs automated bots solving CAPTCHAs, when you have teams of low-waged humans recognizing them for pennies? In an underground cybercrime ecosystem dominated by managed services and countless outsourcing opportunities, it’s fairly logical…read more

Google announces new anti-malware features in Chrome

January 9, 2012By Blog Staff

by Dancho Danchev Google Inc. recently announced a new security feature in its Chrome browser. The feature will alert Chrome users every time they’re about to download a potentially malicious executable file. More…read more