Hacking in Hollywood

January 15, 2015By Richard Melick

It’s generally understood that Hollywood will always put their own spin on actions in order to help tell a story.  That’s part of the movie and TV magic, or artistic license, that directors…read more

An update to the Target breach theory.

January 17, 2014By Richard Melick

It was brought to our attention that the research published had flaws. To read our response, please click here: https://community.webroot.com/t5/Security-Industry-News/Update-to-the-Target-breach-theory/m-p/77825

Email hacking for hire going mainstream – part three

January 21, 2013By Dancho Danchev

Just as we anticipated on two occasions in 2012, managed email hacking for hire services continue popping-up at publicly accessible cybercrime-friendly communities, a trend that’s largely driven by the demand for such services by…read more