Cybercriminals offer HTTP-based keylogger for sale, accept Bitcoin

May 10, 2013By Blog Staff

By Dancho Danchev In 2013, Liberty Reserve and Web Money remain the payment method of choice for the majority of Russian/Eastern European cybercriminals. Cybercrime-as-a-Service underground market propositions, malware crypters, R.A.Ts (Remote Access Trojans), brute-forcing tools etc….read more

8 Tips for Filing Taxes Online Safely

April 6, 2010By Blog Staff

By Mike Kronenberg Getting ready to file your taxes online — and doing it at the last minute? Well, cyber-scammers are ready for you. Thieves are schemers, and they’ve got a bag full…read more

Phishers Break WoW’s Magic Spell Over Gamers

January 13, 2010By Blog Staff

By Curtis Fechner and Andrew Brandt While we’ve touched on the subject of World of Warcraft phishers (and the Trojans they attempt to spread) a handful of times in the past several months,…read more