Fake Flash Update Needs Flash to Work

September 7, 2010By Blog Staff

If you live in the US, you may have played sports, barbequed, or enjoyed the last long weekend of the summer outside doing something fun outdoors. Unfortunately, that wasn’t an option here in…read more

Facebook “Photo Album” Spam Drops Trojans

June 14, 2010By Blog Staff

A spammed link campaign that spread through Facebook rapidly over the weekend delivered a malicious payload designed to take control of the Facebook account of any infected user, steal passwords, and hijack clicks…read more

Weird New Koobface URLs Use Old Tricks

March 19, 2010By Blog Staff

Pretty much since it arrived on the malware scene, Koobface has used the technique of sending messages with Web links — in your name, to your friends — as a method of propagating…read more

Friends, Followers, Fans: Be On Guard in 2010

December 30, 2009By Blog Staff

By Mike Kronenberg Do you use a social networking site? Be prepared, because I predict in 2010 it’ll be a major target for cyber criminals. Among the threat experts here at Webroot, we’ve…read more

New Koobface Creates its Own Malicious Web Pages

December 10, 2009By Blog Staff

Over the past several months, we’ve seen Koobface steadily progress in its ability to infect systems with malware. In our latest tests, we’ve found that the most recent version of this social-networm has…read more