Malware propagates through localized Facebook Wall posts

February 18, 2013By Blog Staff

We’ve recently intercepted a localized — to Bulgarian — malware campaign, that’s propagating through Facebook Wall posts. Basically, a malware-infected user would unknowingly post a link+enticing message, in this case “Check it out!“,…read more

New DIY HTTP-based botnet tool spotted in the wild

February 6, 2013By Blog Staff

What are cybercrime-facilitating programmers up to when they’re not busy fulfilling custom orders? Releasing DIY (do-it-yourself) user-friendly tools allowing anyone an easy entry into the world of cybercrime, and securing their revenue streams thanks to…read more

A peek inside a DIY password stealing malware

January 30, 2013By Blog Staff

On a daily basis, we continue to observe the emergence of the DIY (do-it-yourself) trend within the entire cybercrime ecosystem. And although the DIY activity cannot be compared to the malicious impact caused…read more