A peek inside the Elite Malware Loader

February 29, 2012By Blog Staff

Just like today’s modern economy, in the cybercrime ecosystem supply, too, meets demand on a regular basis. With malware coding for hire propositions increasing thanks to the expanding pool of talented programmers looking…read more

A peek inside the Ann Malware Loader

February 25, 2012By Blog Staff

The ever-adapting cybercrime ecosystem is constantly producing new underground releases in the form of malware loaders, remote access trojans (RATs), malware cryptors, Web, IRC and P2P based command and control interfaces, all with…read more

A peek inside the Smoke Malware Loader

February 3, 2012By Blog Staff

The competitive arms race between security vendors and malicious cybercriminals constantly produces new defensive┬ámechanisms, next to new attack platforms and malicious tools aiming to efficiently exploit and infect as many people as possible….read more