Postmortem Michael Jackson Track Dredges Rogues

October 12, 2009By Blog Staff

As we’ve discussed so many times in the past, search terms that include the names of celebrities make good targets for malware authors, and search terms that include the name of dead celebrities…read more

One Click, and the Exploit Kit’s Got You

September 18, 2009By Blog Staff

After all the brouhaha surrounding the website hosting ads which spawned rogue antivirus Fakealerts last weekend, I spent a considerable amount of time looking at so-called exploit kits this week. These are…read more

Rogues Impersonate Google, Firefox Security Alerts

August 7, 2009By Blog Staff

In the past week, we’ve begun to see new fakealerts — those disturbingly effective, entirely bogus “virus warning” messages — that appear to impersonate the appearance and text of legitimate warning dialogs you…read more

Jackson/Fawcett Malware is Extortion-ware

June 26, 2009By Blog Staff

As I reported yesterday, searches for information about the deaths of Michael Jackson or Farrah Fawcett were turning up links to malware. This came as no surprise to anyone, though the speed with…read more

May Threat Trend: Misleading Malware

June 9, 2009By Blog Staff

The latest data from our customers indicate that, at least in the month of May, we were blocking and removing some of the nastiest threats on the Web. Among the spies we took…read more