Fakealerts: Building a Better Mousetrap

November 25, 2009By Blog Staff

In general, the use of fakealerts — those bogus warnings that look like your PC has started some sort of antivirus scan on its own, then predict imminent doom if you don’t buy…read more

Rogues Mug Big Bird on his Birthday

November 4, 2009By Blog Staff

In a move sure to raise the ire of Sesame Street fans everywhere, the black hat SEO gangs that have been manipulating Google results for the better part of the year have seized…read more

Rogues Impersonate Google, Firefox Security Alerts

August 7, 2009By Blog Staff

In the past week, we’ve begun to see new fakealerts — those disturbingly effective, entirely bogus “virus warning” messages — that appear to impersonate the appearance and text of legitimate warning dialogs you…read more