FakeAV for Android! There you are!

June 15, 2012By Blog Staff

By Nathan Collier Every super hero has an arch nemesis. For a lot of Threat Researchers, including myself, Rogue Security Products, or better known as FakeAV, is theirs. Back in the day when…read more

Mass SQL injection attack affects over 200,000 URLs

January 5, 2012By Blog Staff

by Dancho Danchev Security researchers from the Internet Storm Center, have intercepted a currently ongoing SQL injection attack, that has already affected over 200,000 URLs. The attack was originally detected in early December, 2011….read more

Top 7 Cybersecurity Predictions for 2012

November 17, 2011By Blog Staff

By Mel Morris From Stuxnet to Sony, a number of cyberattacks emerged in 2011 that experts have predicted for quite some time. I predict 2012 will be even more pivotal, thrusting cybersecurity into…read more

MacProtector: Rogue of the Week

May 27, 2011By Blog Staff

This week, we turn our attention temporarily away from the never-ending stream of rogue security products on the Windows platform and take a closer look at the Mac OS analogue, MacProtector (aka Mac…read more

New Year’s Drive-By Brings a Recursive Rogue

January 6, 2011By Blog Staff

On the morning of January 2nd, still bleary eyed, I checked my email to find a charming notification informing me that I’d received an electronic greeting card. Yay! I thought to myself: The…read more

New Rogue Is Actually Five Rogues in One

September 16, 2010By Blog Staff

For years, the makers of those snake oil security programs we call Rogue Security Products have spent considerable effort making up new names, developing unique graphic design standards, and inventing backstories for their…read more

This PC Will Self-Destruct in Ten Seconds

April 8, 2010By Blog Staff

Phishing Trojans that try to remain below the radar are still prevalent, but a number of files coming through Threat Research point to a disturbing trend: Several new variants of existing malware families…read more