Nuclear Exploit Pack goes 2.0

October 31, 2012By Blog Staff

In times when the market leading Black Hole Exploit Kit continues to gain market share, competing products are prone to emerge. What is the competition up to? Has it managed to differentiate itself from…read more

RSA Conference Europe 2012 – recap

October 26, 2012By Blog Staff

As many of you know, Webroot recently attended Europe’s most prestigious security conference, RSA Europe 2012, where I held a presentation on the topic of “Cyber Jihad vs Cyberterrorism – Separating Hype from…read more

Cybercriminals impersonate Delta Airlines, serve malware

October 24, 2012By Blog Staff

Following the recently launched malicious campaigns impersonating KLM and American Airlines, cybercriminals are once again busy impersonating yet another company, this time it’s Delta Airlines. More details: