hacked, 24 million users affected

January 16, 2012By Dancho Danchev

by Dancho Danchev According to an internal memo issued by Zappos, the shoe-and-apparel-selling division of Amazon has been breached by unknown cyber attackers, leading to the compromised accounts of over 24 million users….read more

A peek inside the Cythosia v2 DDoS Bot

January 9, 2012By Dancho Danchev

by Dancho Danchev With DDoS extortion and DDoS for hire attacks proliferating, next to the ever decreasing price for renting a botnet, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that cybercriminals are constantly experimenting…read more

For your eyes only (please)

December 1, 2011By glhaldeman

By the Webroot Threat Team Have you ever had the queasy experience of sending a message to someone that you’d rather not have anyone else see, and then hoping that it won’t get…read more

HTC acknowledges security flaw, plans update to fix

October 5, 2011By Armando Orozco

A couple of days ago researchers for Android Police wrote about a security vulnerability in several HTC phones. The vulnerability lies with logging tools installed by HTC. These logging tools collect personal data…read more

Social Nets Put Your Privacy at Risk

March 30, 2010By mikekronenberg

By Mike Kronenberg Attention Facebook and Twitter users: You’re still at risk. Last year, our survey found that lots of people using social networking sites were taking the risk of financial loss, identity…read more