DIY Skype ring flooder offered for sale

April 9, 2013By Blog Staff

Thanks to the ease of generating a botnet, in 2013, stolen accounting data on a mass scale is a no longer a hot underground item, it’s a commodity, one that’s being offered by…read more

Russian spammers release Skype spamming tool

July 30, 2012By Blog Staff

Taking advantage of DIY spamming tools and harvested databases of user names, cybercriminals have been systematically abusing multiple instant messaging services in an attempt to trick as many users as possible into interacting with…read more

Poison Ivy trojan spreading across Skype

May 15, 2012By Blog Staff

Last night, a friend of mine surprisingly messaged me at 6:33 AM on Skype, with a message pointing to what appeared to be a photo site with the message “hahahahaha foto” and a…read more