Beware of Fake Adobe Flash Apps

August 23, 2012By Armando Orozco

By Joe McManus Last week Adobe announced that they would no longer be supporting Flash for Android. Adobe will be removing Flash from the Android Marketplace and users should be wary of fake…read more

French Android Users Hit again by SMS Trojan

August 21, 2012By Nathan Collier

Earlier this year, the SMS Trojan Foncy was discovered targeting French-speaking Android Users. Now, we’ve come across a new Trojan targeting them using a similar SMS scam.  The app pretends to be an…read more

Cybercriminals launch managed SMS flooding services

July 2, 2012By Dancho Danchev

Mobile devices are an inseparable part of the modern cybercrime ecosystem. From ATM skimmers with SMS notification next to fake antivirus scanners for Android users, the growth of the mobile malware segment is…read more

Managed SMS spamming services going mainstream

May 7, 2012By Dancho Danchev

Are you receiving SMS spam? According to the latest reports, millions of mobile users do. The trend is largely driven by what Webroot is observing as an increase in underground market propositions offering…read more

I don’t think it means what you think it means…

November 4, 2011By Armando Orozco

Websites Hosting Android Trojans   By Armando Orozco and  Nathan Collier Rogue Android apps are making their way into alternative markets. Yes, we’ve seen some malicious apps trickle through and they can be…read more

Malware targets mobile IMers

May 7, 2009By Andrew Brandt

Once in a while, you don’t have to do anything at all and malware just drops into your lap. That happened to me the other day, when I received a buddy request from…read more