Zbot Desperately Seeking AIM Users

January 21, 2010By Blog Staff

The Zbot keylogger campaign-of-the-month targets users of AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) with a message that claims to be an update notification for users of the instant messaging client application. Users unfortunate enough to…read more

Facebook Phishing Campaign Wants Your Passwords

November 2, 2009By Blog Staff

Yet another new phishing campaign targeting users of Facebook struck over the Halloween holiday weekend. After scammers began filling inboxes last week with bogus “Facebook update” attachments, this weekend we saw a different group…read more

Outlook “Patch” Spam Leads to Keyloggers

October 21, 2009By Blog Staff

Hot on the heels of the spam campaigns involving emails which purport to come from the IRS, HMRC, and from your IT department comes another round of fake “notification” spam emails — this…read more

“Shipping Confirmation” Malware on the Rise

September 15, 2009By Blog Staff

As autumn approaches, the world typically sees an increase in the number of online shopping trips, as people take advantage of bargains from late-year sales, and prepare for various holidays. And, right on…read more