Zeus Infection Spoofing Bitdefender AV

January 6, 2014By Blog Staff

Over the Christmas period, we here at Webroot  have noticed a large amount of Zeus infections that are spoofing the Bitdefender name. While infections spoofing AV companies aren’t unusual, it’s been a while…read more

Skype propagating Trojan targets Syrian activists

June 6, 2012By Blog Staff

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is reporting on a recently intercepted malicious documents distributed over Skype, apparently targeting Syrian activists. Upon viewing the document, it drops additional files on the infected hosts, and opens…read more

Poison Ivy trojan spreading across Skype

May 15, 2012By Blog Staff

Last night, a friend of mine surprisingly messaged me at 6:33 AM on Skype, with a message pointing to what appeared to be a photo site with the message “hahahahaha foto” and a…read more

AutoCAD Adware Trojans Target Techies

July 1, 2009By Blog Staff

Every once in a while, you hear whispers or rumors about specially-crafted, targeted malware designed to steal a specific piece of data from a particular victim. The data thieves, in these limited cases,…read more

Gamers: Fight the Phishers

June 17, 2009By Blog Staff

Last week, I posted a blog item that explained how gamers face a growing security threat in phishing Trojans — software that can steal the passwords to online games, or the license keys…read more

Old Chinese Hack Tool Used for New Tricks

May 14, 2009By Blog Staff

This week’s installment of what’s-old-is-new-again in the world of malware comes from one of the many groups making and distributing phishing Trojans in China. Earlier this year, someone discovered a hacktool called ZXArps, and…read more

Botnet malware targets MyYearbook

May 1, 2009By Blog Staff

The team here at Webroot has picked up on a Trojan that appears to target a relatively new social networking site: MyYearbook.com. The site caters to the high-school-age crowd with activities that include various kinds…read more