Phishing Trojan Targets Russian Finance Websites

April 13, 2009By Blog Staff

For a long time, we’ve heard about phishing attacks originating in Russia or eastern Europe that target western banks. There’s nothing surprising there.¬†Latter-day Willie Suttons typically target big US or European banks because,…read more

From Pixels to Phishers

March 31, 2009By Blog Staff

Over the past year, we’ve seen a huge jump in the number of mass downloader spyware. These small executable files have just one job, and they do it very well: They pull down…read more

New Malware Ruins Firefox

March 25, 2009By Blog Staff

Late last year, we read all the buzz about ChromeInject, a malicious DLL that was being billed as the first malware specifically targeting Firefox. It was interesting to see that someone built a…read more

Stepping up to the Loserbar

March 23, 2009By Blog Staff

Last year, we at Webroot (as well as many other people) saw a huge spike in two specific types of malware: Rogue antispyware products — the ineffective, deceptive kind — and the various…read more